Mapping Applications For Your Business


Web Mapping Applications

We design, build and maintain web mapping applications that leverage interactive and informative cartographic maps. We blend GIS, Consumer Mapping, Location Services and Business Systems when creating geographic data presentation apps that support business analysis, communication and decisions.

Spatial IT Consulting

We will help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of location services, geographic technologies, and mapping and data visualization tools and platforms to help you understand what will work for your organization. We can review your systems, business processes, assets and challenges, and recommend mapping systems designed to suit. NBT Solutions' has a strong reputation as a true partner to our clients - we listen effectively and provide carefully crafted expert technical advice.


We have decades of cross-platform GIS experience. We can help you with mapping project assessment, geographic data development, GIS workflows and management, geocoding, GPS field work, and more. We can be your outsourced GIS shop, lend a hand to internal GIS operations, or combine the two in a hybrid support role. We are expert in geographic analysis and reporting, and we can push your maps online and mobile.

Cloud-based Geoservices

  • Geocoding
  • List Enhancement
  • Address validation & standardization
  • Geo-append
  • Routing
  • Point-in-poly services
  • Geo-filtered search
  • Geo-fencing
  • Map tiling

Every organization has mapping needs. Talk to the experts at NBT about yours!

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